The Phoenix Conversations

are called forth by

  • the possible confluence of emerging mega-crises -- climate change, peak oil, financial chaos, fascism...
  • the limits of debate -- and the power of shared inquiry and co-creativity
  • the prospect of profound disruption, collapse, transformation, and rebirth

The Phoenix Conversations

seek to better understand and address three crisis tendencies:

  • impacts tend to arise faster than our understanding
  • action tends to lag behind our understanding
  • time to think about and resources to address issues tend to decline as disasters increase

The Phoenix Conversations

seek to include

  • a full range of scenarios - from mild to positive to catastrophic to terminal
  • a full range of impact dimensions - from economics to youth to geopolitics to nature
  • a full range of perspectives - from science to spirituality to social justice to public policy

The Phoenix Conversations

seek to call forth

  • creativity and vitality in the face of radical uncertainty, danger, and opportunity
  • understandings and initiatives of comparable magnitude to the challenges we face
  • the conscious evolution of consciousness, culture, technology, and social systems

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