People guided by a vision of impacting the cultural meta-narrative, whether or not they are promoting a particular new meta-narrative. Includes people with meta-narratives centered on: Sustainability/Ecological Wisdom == Evolution == Participation/Co-Creation/Decentralization...

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Bill Veltrop
  • Brian Swimme
  • David Abram
  • David Korten
  • Don Beck
  • Doug Carmichael
  • Duane Elgin
  • Ernest Callenbach
  • Fritjof Capra
  • Hazel Henderson
  • Jay Earley - Transforming Human Culture
  • Jean Houston
  • Joanna Macy
  • Ken Wilber
  • Margaret Wheatley
  • Marilyn Ferguson
  • Martin Rutte
  • Michael Dowd
  • Paul Hawken
  • Paul Ray
  • Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz
  • Rebecca Solnit
  • Riane Eisler
  • Sally J. Goerner - After the Clockwork Universe
  • Sharif Abdullah
  • Starhawk

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