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ARTISTS == Painters == Poets == Composers == Photographers == Cartoonists & humorists == Sculptors == Choreographers == Movie Directors == Arts Support

Visual Arts

  • Anne Stadler (US Artists)
  • Dana Andersen
  • David Kessler
  • Fidelma McGinn (Irish stories, 911 media arts, SF)
  • Judy Chicago
  • Karen Kudebeh
  • Kevin Kelley
  • Kris Tucker (WA state arts commission)
  • Lyn Peabody
  • Mary Corrigan (graphic recorder)
  • Nancy Margulies
  • Tom Bray (sculptor)
  • William Wittmann (painter)

Movie Directors

  • Steven Spielberg




  • Alice Walker
  • Barbara Kingsolver
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • David Whyte
  • Deena Metzger
  • Drew Dellinger
  • Grace Paley
  • John Trudell
  • Marge Piercy
  • Mary Oliver
  • Rachel Bagby
  • Ralph Copleman (OS, env, poet)
  • Toni Morrison
  • Ursula LeGuin
  • William Irwin Thompson - Self and Society

Arts Support

  • Andrea Allen

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